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08 July 2008 @ 12:30 pm
The Hopi Creation and The Four Worlds
Tokpela: The First World

[From Book of the Hopi by Frank Waters, 1963.]

The first world was Tokpela (Endless Space).

But first, they say, there was only the Creator, Taiowa.... There was no beginning and no end, no time, no shape, no life. Just an immeasureable void that had its beginning and end, time, shape, and life in the mind of Taiowa the Creator.
Then he, the infinite, conceived of the finite. First he created Sotuknang to make it manifest, saying to him, "I have created you, the first power and instrument as a person, to carry out my plan for life in endless space. I am your Uncle. You are my Nephew. Go now and lay out these universes in proper order so they may work harmoniously with one another according to my plan."
Sotuknang did as he was commanded. From endless space he gathered that which was to be manifest as solid substance, molded it into forms, and arranged them into nine universal kingdoms: one for Taiowa the Creator, one for himself, and seven universes for the life to come. Finishing this, [he] went to Taiowa and asked, "Is this according to your plan?"
"It is very good," said Taiowa. "Now I want you to do the same thing with the waters. Place them on the surfaces of these universes so they will be divided equally among all and each."
[This Sotuknang did.] Going now to Taiowa, he said "I want you to see the work I have done and if it pleases you."
"It is very good," said Taiowa. "The next thing now is to put the forces of air into peaceful movement about all."
This Sotuknang did....
Taiowa was pleased. "You have done a great work according to my plan, Nephew. You have created the universes and made them manifest in solids, waters, and winds, and put them in their proper places.... Now you must create life and its movement to complete the four parts, Tuwaqachi, of my universal plan.
Spider Woman and The Twins

Sotuknang went to the universe [which] was to be... the First World, and out of it he created her who was to remain on that earth and be his helper. Her name was Kokyangwuti, Spider Woman.

When she awoke to life and received her name she asked, "Why am I here?"
"Look about you," answered Sotuknang. "Here is this earth we have created. It has shape and substance, direction and time, a beginning and an end. But there is no life upon it. We see no joyful movement. We hear no joyful sound.... So you have been given the power to help us create this life. You have been given the knowledge, wisdom, and love to bless all the beings you create. That is why you are here."
Following his instructions, Spider Woman took some earth, mixed it with some tuchvala (saliva), and molded it into two beings. Then she covered them with a cape made of white substance which was the creative wisdom itself, and sang the Creation Song over them. When she uncovered them, the two beings, twins, sat up and saked, "Who are we? Why are we here?"
To the one on the right Spider Woman said, "You are Poqanghoya and you are to help keep this world in order when life is put upon it. Now go around all the world and put your hands upon the earth so that it will become fully solidified. This is your duty."
Spider Woman then said to the twin on her left, "You are Palongawhoya and you are to help keep this world in order when life is put upon it. This is your duty now: go about all the world and send out sound so that it may be heard throughout all the land. When this is heard you will also be known as 'Echo', for all sound echoes the Creator."
Poqanghoya, traveling throughout the earth, solidified the higher reaches into great mountains. The lower reaches he made firm but still pliable enough to be used by those beings to be placed upon it and who would call it their mother.
Palongawhoya, traveling throughout the earth, sounded out his call as he was bidden. All the vibratory centers along the earth's axis from pole to pole resounded to his call; the whole earth trembled; the universe quivered in tune. Thus he made the whole world an instrument of sound, and sound an instrument for carrying messages, resounding praise to the Creator of all.
When they had accomplished their duties, Poqanghoya was sent to the north pole of the world axis and Palongawhoya to the south pole, where they were jointly commanded to keep the world properly rotating. Poqanghoya was also given the power to keep the earth in a stable form of solidness. Palongawhoya was given the power to keep the air in gentle ordered movement, and instructed to send out his call for good or for warning through the vibratory centers of the earth.
"These will be your duties in time to come," said Spider Woman. She then created from the earth trees, bushes, plants, flowers, all kinds of seed-bearers and nut-bearers to clothe the earth, giving to each a life and name. In the same manner she created all kinds of birds and animals-- molding them out of earth, covering them with her white-substance-cape, and singing over them. Some she placed to her right, some to her left, others before and behind her, indicating how they should spread to all four corners of the earth to live.
Creation of Mankind

So Spider Woman gathered earth, this time of four colors; yellow, red, white, and black; mixed them with tuchvala, the liquid of her mouth; molded them; and covered them with her white-substance cape which was the creative wisdom itself. As before, she sang over them the Creation Song, and when she uncovered them these forms were humans beings in the image of Sotuknang. Then she created four other beings after her own form. They were wuti, female partners, for the first four male beings.

When Spider Woman uncovered them the forms came to life. This was at the time of the dark purple light, Qoyangnuptu, the first phase of the dawn of Creation, which first reveals the mystery of man's creation.
They soon awakened and began to move, but there was still a dampness on their foreheads and a soft spot on their heads. This was at the time of the yellow light, Sikangnuqa, the second phase of the dawn of Creation, when the breath of life entered man.
In a short time the sun appeared above the horizon, drying the dampness on their foreheads and hardening the soft spot on their heads. This was the time of the red light, Talwva, the third phase of the dawn of Creation, when man, fully formed and firmed, proudly faced his Creator.
"That is the Sun," said Spider Woman. "You are meeting your Father the Creator for the first time. You must always remember and observe these three phases of your Creation. The time of the three lights; the dark purple, the yellow, and the red reveal in turn the mystery, the breath of life, and warmth of love. These comprise the Creator's plan of life for you as sung over you in the Song of Creation....
The First People of the First World did not answer her; they could not speak.... So Sotuknang gave them speech, a different langauge to each color, with respect for each other's difference. He gave them the wisdom and the power to reproduce and multiply. Then he said to them, "With all these I have given you this world to live on and be happy. There is only one thing I ask of you. To respect the Creator at all times. Wisdom, harmony, and respect for the love of the Creator who made you. May it grow and never be forgotten among you as long as you live."
So the First People went their directions, were happy, and began to multiply.
The Nature of Man

With the pristine wisdom granted them, they understood that the earth was a living entity like themselves. She was their mother; they were made from her flesh; they suckled at her breast. For her milk was the grass upon which all animals grazed and the corn which had been created specially to supply food for mankind. But the corn plant was also a living entity with a body similar to man's in many respects, and the people built its flesh into their own. Hence corn was also their mother. Thus they knew their mother in two aspects, which were often synonymous-- as Mother Earth and the Corn Mother.

In their wisdom they also knew their father in two aspects. He was the Sun, the solar god of their universe. Not until he first appeared to them at the time of the red light, Talawva, had they been fully firmed and formed. Yet his was but the face through which looked Taiowa, their Creator.
These universal entities were their real parents, their human parents being but the instruments through which their power was made manifest. In modern times their descendants remembered this.
When a child was born his Corn Mother [an ear of perfect corn whose tip ends in four full kernels] was placed beside him, where it was kept for twenty days, and during this period he was kept in darkness; for while his newborn body was of this world, he was still under the protection of his universal parents. If the child was born at night, four lines were painted with cornmeal on each of the four walls and ceiling early next morning. If he was born during the day, the lines were painted the following morning. The lines signified that a spiritual home, as well as a temporal home, had been prepared for him on earth.
[Numerous small rituals were performed until] early in the morning of the twentieth day, [and] while it was still dark, all the aunts of the child arrived at the house, each carrying a Corn Mother... and wishing to be the child's godmother....and each blessed the child and gave it a name from the clan of either the mother or father of the aunt. The yellow light was by then showing in the east. The mother, holding the child in her left arm and the Corn Mother in her right hand, and accompanied by her own mother-- the child's grandmother-- left the house and walked toward the east. Then they stopped, facing east and prayed silently, casting pinches of cornmeal toward the rising sun.
When the sun cleared the horizon the mother stepped forward, held up the child to sun sun and said, "Father Sun, this is your child," [then repeating] this [while] passing the Corn Mother over the child's body as when she had named him.... The grandmother did the same thing when the mother had finished. Then they both marked a cornmeal path toward the sun for this new life.
The child now belonged to his family and the earth. The village crier announced his borth, and a feast was held in his honor. For several years the child was called by the different names that were given him. The one that seemed most predominant became his name, and the aunt who gave it to him became his godmother. The Corn Mother remained his spiritual mother.
For seven or eight years he led the normal earthly life of a child. The came his first initiation into a religious society, and he began to learn that, although he had human parents, his real parents were the universal entities who had created him through them... [and] that he was a member of an earthly family and tribal clan, and he was a citizen of the great universe, to which he owed a growing allegiance as his understanding developed.
The First People, then, understood the mystery of their parenthood. In their pristine wisdom they also understood their own structure and functions-- the nature of man himself. The living body of man and the living body of the earth were constructed in the same way. Through each ran an axis, man's axis being the backbone... which controlled the equilibrium of his movements and his functions. Along this axis were several vibratory centers which echoed the primordial sound of life throughout the universe or sounded a warning if anything went wrong.
The first of these in man lay at the top of the head. Here, when he was born, was the soft spot, kopavi, the "open door" through which he received his life and communicated with his Creator. For with every breath the soft spot moved up and down with a gentle vibration that was communicated to the Creator. At the time of the red light, Talawva, the last phase of his creation, the soft spot was hardened and the door was closed. It remained closed until his death, opening then for his life to depart as it had come.
Just below it lay the second center, the organ that man learned to think with by himself... called the brain. Its earthly function enabled man to think about his actions and work on this earth. But the more he understood that his work and actions should conform to the plan of the Creator, the more clearly he understood that the real function of the... brain was carrying out the plan of all Creation.
The third center lay in the throat. It tied together those openings in the nose and mouth through which he received the breath of life and the vibratory organs that enabled him to give back his breath in sound. This... sound, as that coming from the vibratory centers of the body of earth, was attuned to the universal vibration of all Creation....
The fourth center was the heart. It too was a vibrating organ, pulsing with the vibration of life itself. In his heart man felt the good of life, his sincere purpose. He was of One Heart. But there were those who permitted evil feelings to enter. They were said to be of Two Hearts.
The last of man's important centers lay under his navel, the organ some people now call the solar plexus. As this name signifies, it was the throne in man of the Creator himself. From it he directed all the functions of man.
Thus the First People understood themselves. And this was the First World they lived upon. Its name was Tokpela, Endless Space. Its direction was west; its color sikyangpu, yellow; its mineral sikyasvu, gold. Significant upon it were kato'ya, the snake with a big head; wisoko, the fat-eating bird; and muha, the little four-leaved plant. On it the First People were pure and happy.

The Hopi Creation and The Four Worlds
Tokpa: The Second World

[From Book of the Hopi by Frank Waters, 1963.]

Though they were of different colors and spoke different languages, [the First People] felt as one and understood one another without talking. It was the same with the birds and animals. They all suckled at the breast of their Mother Earth, who gave them her milk of grass, seeds, fruit, and corn, and they all felt as one, people and animals.

But gradually there were those who forgot the commands of Sotuknang and the Spider Woman to respect their Creator. More and more they used the vibratory centers of their bodies for earthly purposes, forgetting that their primary purpose was to carry out the plan of the Creator.
There then came among them Lavaihoya, the Talker. He came in the form of a bird called Mochni (bird like a mocking bird), and the more he kept talking the more he convinced them of the differences between them: the difference between people and animals, and the differences between the people themselves by reason of the colors of their skins, their speech, and belief in the plan of the Creator.
It was then that animals drew away from people. The guardian spirit of animals laid his hands on their hind legs just below the tail, making them become wild and scatter from the people in fear. You can see this slightly oily spot today on deer and antelope-- on the sides of their back legs as they throw up their tails to run away.
In the same way, people began to divide and draw away from one another-- those of different races and languages, then those who remembered the plan of the Creation and those who did not.
There came among them a handsome one, Kato'ya, in the form of a snake with a big head. He led the people still farther away from one another and their pristine wisdom. They became suspicious of one another wrongfully until they became fierce and warlike and began to fight one another.
But among all the people of different races and languages there were a few in every group who still lived by the laws of Creation. To them came Sotuknang... with the sound as of a mightly wind and suddenly appeared before them. He said, "I have observed this state of affairs. It is not good. It is so bad I talked to my Uncle, Taiowa, about it. We have decided this world must be destroyed and another one created so you people can start over again. You are the ones we have chosen.... You will go to a certain place. Your kopavi (vibratory center on the top of the head) will lead you. This inner wisdom will give you the sight to see a certain cloud, which you will follow by day, and a certain star, which you will follow by night. Take nothing with you. Your journey will not end until the cloud stops and the star stops."
So all over the world these chosen people suddenly disappeared from their homes and people and began following the cloud...and star.... Many other people asked them where they were going and, when they were told, laughed at them.... This was because they had lost the inner vision of the kopavi on the crown of their head; the door was closed to them. Still there were a very few who went along anyway because they believed the people who did see the could and the star. This was all right.
After many days and nights the people arrived at the certain place [and] Sotuknang appeared [and] led them to a big mound where the Ant People lived, stamped on the roof, and commanded the Ant People to open up their home. When an opening was made on top of the anthill, Sotuknang said to the people, "Now you will enter this Ant kiva, where you will be safe when I destroy the world. While you are here I want you to learn a lesson from these Ant People. They are industrious. They gather food in the summer for the winter. They keep cool when it is hot and warm when it is cool. They live peacefully with one another. They obey the plan of Creation."
So the people went down to live with the Ant People. When they were all safe and settled Taiowa commanded Sotuknang to destroy the world... by fire because the Fire Clan had been its leaders.... He opened up the volcanoes. Fire came from above and below and all around until the earth, the waters, the air, all was one element, fire, and there was nothing left except the people safe inside the womb of the earth.
This was the end of Tokpela, the First World.
Emergence to the Second World

While this was going on the people lived happily underground with the Ant People. Their homes were just like the people's homes on the earth-surface being destroyed. There were rooms to live in and rooms where they stored their food. There was light to see by, too. The tiny bits of crystal in the sand of the anthill had absorbed the light of the sun, and by using the inner vision of the center behind their eyes they could see by its reflection very well.

Only one thing troubled them. The food began to run short. I had not taken long to destroy the world, nor would it take long to create another one. But it was taking a long time for the First World to cool off before the Second World could be created.
"Do not give us so much of the food you have worked so hard to gather and store," the people said. "Yes, you are our guests," the Ant People told them. "What we have is yours also." So the Ant People continued to deprive themselves of food in order to supply their guests. Every day they tied their belts tighter and tighter. That is why ants today are so small around the waist.
Finally that which had been the First World cooled off. Sotuknang purified it. Then he began to create the Second World. He changed its form completely, putting land where water was and water where the land had been, so the people upon their emergence would have nothing to remind them of the previous wicked world.
When all was ready he came to the roof of the Ant kiva, stamped on it, and... spoke first to the Ant People. "I am thanking you for doing your part in helping to save these people. It will always be remembered.... The time will come when another world will be destroyed, and when wicked people know their last day on earth has come, they will sit by an anthill and cry for the ants to save them. Now, having fulfilled your duty, you may go forth to this Second World I have created and take your place as ants."
Then Sotuknang said to the people, "Make your Emergence now to this Second World I have created. It is not quite so beautiful as the First World, but it is beautiful just the same. You will like it. So multiply and be happy. But remember your Creator and the laws he gave you. When I hear you singing joyful praises to him I will know you are my children, and you will be close to me in your hearts."
So the people emerged to the Second World. Its name was Tokpa (Dark Midnight). Its direction was south, its color blue, its mineral qochasiva, silver. Chiefs upon it were salavi, the spruce; kwahu, the eagle; and kolichiyaw, the skunk.
It was a big land, and the people multiplied rapidly, spreading over it to all directions, even to the other side of the world. This did not matter, for they were so close together in spirit they could see and talk to each other from the center on top of the head. Because this door was still open, they felt close to Sotuknang and they sang joyful praises to the Creator, Taiowa.
They did not have the privelege of living with the animals, though, for the animals were wild and kept apart. Being separated from the animals, the people tended to their own affairs. They built homes, then villages and trails between them. They made things with their hands and stored food like the Ant People. Then they began to trade and barter with one another.
This was when the trouble started. Everything they needed was on this Second World, but they began to want more. More and more they traded for things they didn't need, and the more goods they got, the more they wanted. This was very serious. For they did not realize they were drawing away, step by step, from the good life given them. They just forgot to sing joyful praises to the Creator and soon began to sing praises for the goods they bartered and stored. Before long it happened as it had to happen. The people began to quarrel and fight, and then wars between villages began.
Still there were a few people in every village who sang the song of their Creation. But the wicked people laughed at them until they could sing it only in their hearts. Even so, Sotuknang heard it through their centers and the centers of the earth. Suddenly one day he appeared before them.
"Spider Woman tells me your thread is running out on this world," he said. "That is too bad. The Spider Clan was your leader, and you were making good progress until this state of affairs began. Now my Uncle, Taiowa, and I have decided we... are going to destroy this Second World just as soon as we put you people who still have the song in your hearts in a safe place."
So again, as on the First World, Sotuknang called on the Ant People to open up their underground world for the chosen people. When they were safely underground, Sotuknang commanded the twins, Poqanghoya and Palongawhoya, to leave their posts at the north and south ends of the world's axis, where they were stationed to keep the earth properly rotating.
The twins had hardly abandoned their stations when the world, with no one to control it, teetered off balance, spun around crazily, then rolled over twice. Mountains plunged into seas..., seas and lakes sloshed over the land; and as the world spun through cold and lifeless space it froze into solid ice.
This was the end of Tokpa, the Second World.
Emergence to the Third World

For many years all the elements that had comprised the Second World were frozen into a motionless and lifeless lump of ice. But the people were happy and warm with the Ant People in their underground world. They watched their food carefully, although the ants' waists became still smaller. They wove sashes and blankets together and told stories.

Eventually Sotuknang ordered [the twins] to their stations at the poles of the world axis. With a great shudder and a splintering of ice the planet began rotating again. When it was revolving smoothly about its own axis and stately moving in its universal orbit, the ice began to melt and the world began to warm to life. Sokutnang set about creating the Third World: arranging earths and seas, planting mountains and plains with their proper coverings, and creating all forms of life.
When the earth was ready for occupancy, he came to the door of the Ant kiva... as before and said, "Open the door. It is time for you to come out."
Once again... he gave the people their instructions. "I have saved you so you can be planted again on this new Third World. But you must always remember the two things I am saying to you now. First, respect me and one another. And second, sing in harmony from the tops of the hills. When I do not hear you singing praises to your Creator I will know you have gone back to evil again."
So the people climbed up the ladder from the Ant kiva, making their emergence to the Third World.

The Hopi Creation and The Four Worlds
Kuskurza: The Third World

[From Book of the Hopi by Frank Waters, 1963.]

Its name was Kuskurza, its direction east, its color red. Chiefs upon it were the mineral palasiva (copper); the plant piva (tobacco); the bird angwusi (crow); and the animal choovio (antelope).

Upon it once more the people spread out, multiplied, and continued their progress on the Road of Life. In the First World they had lived simply with the animals. In the Second World they had developed handicrafts, homes, and villages. Now in the Third World they multiplied in such numbers and advanced so rapidly that they created big cities, countries, a whole civilization. This made it difficult for them to conform to the plan of Creation and to sing praises to Taiowa and Sotuknang. More and more of them became wholly occupied with their own earthly plans.
Some of them, of course, retained the wisdom granted them upon their Emergence. With this wisdom they understood that the farther they proceeded on the Road of Life and the more they developed, the harder it was. That was why their world was destroyed every so often to give them a fresh start. They were especially concerned because so many people were using their reproductive power in wicked ways. There was one woman who was becoming known throughout the world for her wickedness in corrupting so many people. She even boatsed that so many men were giving her turquoise necklaces for her favors she could wind them around a ladder that reached to the end of the world's axis. So the people with wisdom sang louder and longer their praises to the Creator from the tops of their hills.
The other people hardly heard them. Under the leadership of the Bow Clan they began to use their creative power in another evil and obstructive way. Perhaps this was caused by that wicked woman. But some of them made a patuwvota (shield made of hide) and with their creative power made it fly through the air. On this many of the people flew to a big city, attacked it, and returned so fast no one knew where they came from. Soon the people of many cities and countries were making patuwvotas and flying on them to attack one another. So corruption and war came to the Third World as it had to the others.
This time Sotuknang came to Spider Woman and said, "There is no use waiting until the thread runs out this time. Something has to be done lest the people with the song in their hearts are corrupted and killed off too. It will be difficult, with all this destruction going on, for them to gather at the far end of the world I have designated. But I will help them. Then you will save them when I destroy this world with water. When you get there look about you. You will see these tall plants with hollow stems. Cut them down and put the people inside. Then I will tell you what to do next."
Spider Woman... cut down the hollow reeds; and as the people came to her, she put them inside with a little water and hurusuki (white cornmeal dough) for food, and sealed them up. When all the people were thus taken care of, Sotuknang appeared.
"Now you get in and take care of them, and I will seal you up," he said. "Then I will destroy the world."
So he loosed the waters upon the earth. Waves higher than mountains rolled in upon the land. Continents broke asunder and sank beneath the seas. And still the rains fell, the waves rolled in.
The people sealed up in their hollow reeds heard the mightly rushing of the waters. They felt themselves tossed high in the air and dropping back to the water. Then all was quiet, and they knew they were floating. For... so long a time that it seemed it would never end-- they kept floating.
Finally their movement ceased. The Spider Woman unsealed their hollow reeds, took them by the tops of their heads, and pulled them out....
The people brought out their hurusuki; it was still the same size, although they had been eating it all this time. Looking about them, they saw they were on a little piece of land that had been the top of one of their highest mountains. All else, as far as they could see, was water. This was all that remained of the Third World.
"There must be come dry land somewhere we can go to," they said. "Where is the new Fourth World that Sotuknang has created for us?" They sent many kinds of birds, one after another, to fly over the waters and find it. But they all came back tired out without having seen any sign of land. Next they planted a reed that grew high into the sky. Up it they climbed and stared over the surface of the waters. But they saw no sign of land.
Then Sotuknang appeared to Spider Woman and said, "You must continue traveling on. Your inner wisdom will guide you. The door at the top of your head is open."
So Spider Woman directed the people to make round, flat boats of the hollow reeds they had come in and crawl inside. Again they entrusted themselves to the water and the inner wisdom to guide them. For a long time they drifted with the wind and the movement of the waters and came to another rocky island.
"It is bigger than the other one, but it is not big enough," they said, looking around them and thinking they heard a low rumbling noise. "No, it is not big enough," said Spider Woman.
So the people kept traveling toward the rising sun in their reed boats. After a while they [heard] that low rumbling noise [and thought they] must be coming to land again.
So it was. A big land, it seemed, with grass and trees and flowers beautiful to their weary eyes. On it they rested a long time. Some of the people wanted to stay, but Spider Woman said, "No. It is not the place. You must continue on."
Leaving their boats, they traveled by foot eastward across the island to the water's edge. Here they found growing some more of the hollow plants like reeds or bamboo, which they cut down. Directed by Spider Woman, they laid some of these in a row with another row on top of them in the opposite direction and tied them all together with vines and leaves. This made a raft big enough for one family or more. When enough rafts were made for all, Spider Woman directed them to make paddles.
"You will be going uphill from now on and you will mahe to make your own way. So Sotuknang told you: The farther you go, the harder it gets."
After long and weary traveling, still east and a little north, the people began to hear the low rumbling noise and saw land. One family clan after another landed with joy. The land was long, wide, and beautiful. The earth was rich and flat, covered with trees and plants, seed-bearers and nut-bearers, providing lots of food. The people were happy and kept staying there year after year.
"No. This is not the Fourth World," Spider Woman kept telling them. "It is too easy and pleasant for you to live on, and you would soon fall into evil ways again. You must go on. Have we not told you the way becomes harder and longer?"
Reluctantly the people traveled eastward by foot across the island to the far shore. Again they made rafts and paddles. When they were ready to set forth Spider Woman said, "Now I have done all I am commanded to do for you. You must go on alone and find your own place of Emergence. Just keep your doors open, and your spirits will guide you."
Alone they set out, traveling east and a little north, paddling hard for many days as if they were paddling uphill. At last they saw land. It rose high above the waters, stretching from north to south as far as they could see. A great land, a mightly land, their inner wisdom told them. "The Fourth World!" they cried to each other.
As they got closer, its shores rose higher and higher into a steep wall of mountains. There seemed no place to land... So they went north, but the mountains rose higher and steeper... So they turned south and traveled many days more. But here too the mountain wall reared higher.
Not knowing what to do, the people stopped paddling, opened the doors on top of their heads, and let themselves be guided. Almost immediately the water smoothed out, and they felt their rafts caught up in a gentle current. Before long they landed and joyfully jumped out upon a sandy shore. "The Fourth World!" they cried. "We have reached our Place of Emergence at last!"
Soon all the others arrived and when they were gathered together Sotuknang appeared before them. "Well, I see you are all here. That is good. This is the place I have prepared for you. Look now at the way you have come."
Looking to the west and south, the people could see sticking out of the water the islands upon which they had rested. "They are the footprints of your journey," continued Sotuknang, "the tops of the high mountains of the Third World... now watch."
As the people watched them, the closest one sank under the water, then the next, until all were gone, and they could see only water.
"See," said Sotuknang, "I have washed away even the footprints of your Emergence; the stepping-stones which I left for you. Down on the bottom of the seas lie all the proud cities, the flying patuwvotas, and the worldly treasures corrupted with evil, and those people who found no time to sing praises to the Creator from the tops of their hills. But the day will come, if you preserve the memory and the meaning of your Emergence, when these stepping-stones will emerge again to prove the truth you speak."
This at last was the end of the Third World....

The Hopi Creation and The Four Worlds
Tuwaqachi: The Fourth World

[From Book of the Hopi by Frank Waters, 1963.]

"I have something more to say before I leave you," Sotuknang told the people as they stood at their Place of Emergence on the shore of the present Fourth World. "The name of this Fourth World is Tuwaqachi, World Complete. You will find out why. It is not all beautiful and easy like the previous ones. It has height and depth, heat and cold, beauty and barrenness; it has everything for you to choose from. What you choose will determine if this time you can carry out the plan of Creation on it or whether it must in time be destroyed too. Now you will separate and go different ways to claim all the earth for the Creator. Each group of you will follow your own star until it stops. There you will settle.... You will have help from the proper deities, from your good spirits. Just keep your own doors open and always remember what I have told you."

The people began to move slowly off the shore and into the land, when they heard the low rumbling noise again [and] saw a handsome man and asked, "Are you the one who has been making these noises we have heard?"
"Yes, I made them to help you find the way here. Do you not recognize me? My name in Masaw. I am the caretaker, the guardian and protector of this land."
The people recognized Masaw. He had been appointed head caretaker of the Third World, but, becoming a little self-important, he had lost his himulity before the Creator. Being a spirit, he could not die, so Taiowa took his appointment away from him and made him the deity of death and the underworld. This job Below was not as pleasant as the one Above. Then when the Third World was destroyed, Taiowa decided to give him another chance, as he had the people, and appointed him to guard and protect this Fourth World as its caretaker.
[They asked for his] permission to live on this land, [which he granted, and they also asked him] to be their leader. "No," replied Masaw. A greater one than I has given you a plan to fulfill first. When the previous parts of the world were pushed underneath the water, this new land was pushed up in the middle to become the backbone of the earth. You are now standing on its atvila (west side slope). But you have not yet made your migrations [and] have not yet followed your stars to the place where you will meet and settle. This you must do before I can become your leader.... To the north you will find cold and ice. That is the Back Door to this land, and those who may come through this back door will enter without my consent. So go now and claim the land with my permission."
This is how it all began on this, our present Fourth World. As we know, its name is Tuwaqachi, World Complete; its direction north; its color sikyangpu, yellowish white. Chiefs upon it are the tree kneumapee, juniper; the bird mongwau, the owl; the animal tohopko, the mountain lion; and the mixed mineral sikyapala.
Where all the people went on their migrations to the ends of the earth and back, and what they have done to carry out the plan of Creation from this Place of Beginning... is to be told next by all the clans as they came in.

The Hopi Creation and The Four Worlds
Fourth World - The Migrations

[From Book of the Hopi by Frank Waters, 1963.]

Masaw, [the] guardian spirit [of] this new Fourth World, outlined the manner in which [the people] were to make their migrations, how they were to recognize the place where they were to settle permanently, and the way they were to live when they got there. All this was symbolically written on the four sacred tablets given them

The Sacred Tablets
[these tablets exist; - sketches can be found in the book]

One of the tablets Masaw gave to the Fire Clan. On one side were marked several symbols, and on the other the figure of a man without a head... [and] a piece [was] broken off from one corner.

This is what [is] marked on the tablet: After the Fire Clan had migrated to their permanent home, the time would come when they would be overcome by a strange people. They would be forced to develop their land and lives according to the dictates of a new ruler, or else they would be treated as criminals and punished. But they were not to resist. They were to wait for the person who would deliver them.
This person was their lost white brother, Pahana, who would return to them with the missing corner piece of the tablet, deliver them from their persecutors, and work out with them a new and universal brotherhood of man. But... if their leader accepted any other religion, he must assent to having his head cut off. This would dispel the evil and save his people.
The deity of the Bear Clan, Soqomhonaw, then gave three stone tablets to the Bear Clan, which was to be the leading clan on this Fourth World. The first of these... [showed] the land pattern around the permanent village where they would settle, showing the land holdings to be apportioned to all clans supporting the religious ceremonies. On the other side of the tablet were marked two bear tracks, indicating that all the land beyond these religious land holdings was to be held in the custody of the Bear Clan, which was to reserve it for the animal kingdom upon which the people depended for food.
The front of the... second Bear Clan tablet was marked with a cornstalk in the center, around which were grouped several animals, all surrounded by two snakes; and in each corner was the figure of a man with one arm outstretched. The two snakes symbolized the two rivers that would mark the boundaries of the people's land (the Colorado and the Rio Grande).
There was still a third tablet which Soqomhonaw gave to the Bear Clan. On the front six men, arms folded across belly and crotch, were enclosed within the borders of two rectabgles. The double-lined borders of the rectangles again symbolized the rivers enclosing the land; and the six man represented the leaders of the most important clans. Along the left side, whose edge was notched with tiny cuts, were marked sun, moon, stars, and the nakwach symbol of brotherhood. The back was covered with a maze of symbols; corn, cloud, sun, moon, star, water, snake, nakwach, spirit of the Creator, and bear tracks.
The Four Migrations

Before Masaw turned his face from them and became invisible, he explained that every clan must make four directional migrations before they all arrived at their common, permanent home. They must go to the ends of the land-- west, south, east, and north-- to the farthest paso (where the land meets the sea) in each direction. Only when the clans had completed these four movements... could they come together again, forming the pattern of the Creator's universal plan.

Some clans strated to the south, others to the north, retraced their routes to turn east and west, and then back again. All their routes formed a great cross whose center, Tuwanasavi (Center of the Universe), lay in what is now the Hopi country... and whose arms reached to the four directional pasos. As they turned at each of these extremeties they formed of this great cross a swastika, either clockwise or counter-clockwise, corresponding to the movement of the earth or of the sun. And then when their migrations slowed as they reached their permanent home, they formed spirals and circles, ever growing smaller. All these patterns formed by their four migrations are the basic motifs of the symbols still found today in their pottery [etc.].
Often one clan would come upon the ruins of a village built by a preceding clan and find on the mound broken pieces of pottery circling to the right or... left, indicating which way the clan had gone.... Everywhere too, the clans carved on rocks their signatures, pictographs and petroglyphs which identified them, revealed what round of their migration they were on, and related the history of the village.
Some clans forgot in time the commands of Masaw, settling in tropical climates where life was easy, and developing beautiful cities of stone that were to decay and crumble into ruin. Other clans did not complete all four of their migrations before settling into their permanent home, and hence lost their religious power and standing. Still others persisted, keeping open the doors on top of their heads. These were the ones who finally realized the purpose and the meaning of their four migrations.
For these migrations were themselves purification ceremonies, weeding out through generations all the latent evil brought from the previous Third World. Man could not succumb to the comfort and luxury given him by indulgent surroundings, for then he lost the need to rely upon the Creator. Nor should he be frightened even by the polar extremities of the earth, for there he learned that the power given him by the Creator would still sustain him. So... these chosen people finally came to settle on the vast arid plateau that stretches between the Colorado and Rio Grande Rivers.
Many... people today wonder why these people chose an area devoid of running water to irrigate their sparse crops. The Hopi people know that they were led here so that they would have to depend upon the scanty rainfall which they must evoke with their power and prayer, and so preserve always that knowledge and faith in the supremacy of their Creator who had brought them to this Fourth World after they had failed in three previous worlds.
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06 July 2008 @ 10:17 pm


So, I am sitting here at home, trying to relax a bit because I have some trying days before me at my job. I'm reading bulletins on myspace, and some other blogs here and there and things. One bulletin has me thinking tonight. The bulletin was about how HAARP is able to send out possible subliminal messages to the public, and also about how all of the school shootings in the US follow two intersecting lines. The bulletin talked about the Illuminati, and black magick and witchcraft. I can tell you that witchcraft itself is not evil, because I'm a witch. Furthermore, I am a witch/shamaness/indigo/lightworker, with a fucking plan. First though, I am posting the bulletin behind a cut for you:

Hopefully the cut is readable, it does contain HTML. 

So, after reading that, and thinking a bit, and more of the connect the dots thing...I have decided that I am not going to just sit here and take it. I might be one witch, but I know lots of others. Mighty powerful, light anchoring witches who can pack a wallop. We have to get ready. This is what we're here for now. Not only witches though, Lightworkers from every faith and corner of the world. Every world religion and faith has prophecized about these times, and the coming of a tribe of light warriors from every part of the earth. The Warriors of the Rainbow, the Legions of The Archangel Micheal, Earth Angels, Starseeds, Indiogo, Crystal and Rainbow children.

There is no more time to wait. We have to get our psychic or "PSI-kick" blackbelt on. Planning to hunker down and hide is not going to save us. We are not here to hide, this I know. 

So, how to do it? Start meditating everyday. Keep meditating everyday. Ask your guides and totems and angels to fill you with exactly what you need. Look up psionics, learn about it, learn about quantum physics. Learn all you can, and once you have learned all that learn some more. Put it to use! Practice! Astral project, remote view, make psi-balls. Perfect sheilding, psychic defense, and empathy. Learn to feel others energy, learn to read it. Open to it, because we need you. 

Some of us are here to find and spread the truth, and some of us are here to read that truth, remember why we are here, and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! When the time comes, bullets and ammo and hiding in a hole is not going to save you. Your bullets will run out eventually, and then you are left with just you.

I'm not saying to quit preparing in whatever way you already are, in moving to safe locations, or stocking up on some stuff that won't be available in the hard times ahead. I'm saying that you should be ready to throw dowm spiritually speaking, in addition to preparing physically.

If these evil entities are using energy to harm, we can learn to send it right back to where it came from. We can learn to use it to protect our families and loved ones. We can use it to heal eachother and the planet. 

In oneness~


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01 July 2008 @ 11:14 am
The following is a quiz from Doreen Virtue's book Earth Angels. The
quiz is to determine your spiritual family of origin. For each
statement, determine if it is true or false. Scoring will be found at
the bottom of the quiz.

1. I tend to easily put on extra weight, or I'm currently overweight.
2. My past or current love partners are addicts or alcoholics.
3. I rarely break a rule.
4. I have a hard time saying no.
5. I highlight, color, or bleach my hair.
6. I would prefer to help someone one-on-one, rather than in a group
7. Truth to be told, I like animals or plants much better than I like
8. I have Celtic origins, or I look Celtic (that is, I have reddish
hair, or a ruddy complexion).
9. I constantly play practical jokes.
10.I'm quite the mischief maker, and seem to have a persitent twinkle
in my eyes.
11.I'm fiercely independent and don't like following rules or authority.
12.My finances seem to be either feast or famine.
13.I don't like being the center of attention, and I'm usually a
wallflower at social functions.
14.I've always believed in, or been interested in ET's or UFO's.
15.I'm compulsively thoughtful toward people, whether they express
appreciation or not.
16.I conduct Reiki or other forms of energy or hands-on-healing.
17.My life's mission is more important than getting married and having
18.I really would like to go home now, because I know that Earth isn't
my home.
19.I had a life-changing experience, such as a serious accident or
near-death experience.
20.In the past, I was so miserable that I wanted to die and seriously
considered (or attempted) suicide.
21.I have changed my first name, or I am strongly considering doing so.
22.My family and friends remark, "You're different now. There's
something about you that's not the same."
23.I have made, or am making, drastic changes to many areas of my life
simultaneously (such as moving, changing jobs, and divorcing) all at once.
24.I have deep spiritual knowledge that didn't come from any books or
25.Even though I know I'm different from other people, I still enjoy
the company of others and get along pretty well with most people.
26.I know that I have magical abilities, which are untapped right now.
27.I have strong past-life memories or interestes concerning Arthurian
or Atlantean times.
28.I believe that I was burned at the stake, or killed in some other
way, during the witch hunts or Inquisition.
29.I have studied Tarot cards or astrology.
30.I'm very drawn toward Earth-based spirituality, such as shamanism
or full-moon ceremonies.

SCORING: The number of TRUE answers that you noted may reveal which
realm you're from. Count the number of TRUE answers for each
successive grouping of six questions, beginning with the first six.

~For example, if you answered four or more TRUE's to question 1
through 6, then you're probably an INCARNATED ANGEL. (That is, the
more questions you answered TRUE to, the more likely you are fit into
this category).

~If you answered four or more TRUE's to question 7 through 12, then
you're probably an INCARNATED ELEMENTAL.

~If you responded TRUE four or more times to question 13 through 18,
then you're most likely a STARPERSON.

~If you had four or more TRUE answers to questions 19 through 24, then you're probably a WALK-IN.

~If you answered TRUE four or more times to questions 25 through 30,
then you're most likely a WISE ONE.

 By Doreen Virtue

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30 June 2008 @ 05:57 pm

Wildfires in Calafornia:

hern California's more than 1,400 wildfires choked parts of the Sierra Nevada foothills, darkening parts of a 100-mile stretch between Sacramento and Reno with clouds of black smoke. (read more...)

River cresting above flood stage at St. Louis:

ST. LOUIS - The Mississippi River climbed toward its high-water mark Monday at St. Louis and was expected to crest over the next couple of days at points downriver, but the worst of the flood of 2008 appeared to be over.   (click to read more...)

Also worth noting here, are the earth changes maps many people have been shown over the years. Almost all of these show the midwest of the US under water. This is one of many. With the sea ice melting at the rate it is, this could certainly happen. 

Global Warming to Melt North Pole Ice Cover For First Time in Recorded History

After last year's thin ice cover, the North Pole is poised to vanish due to global warming in a short time

DailyTech has previously covered the frantic pace of melt in Greenland, which is accelerating, dumping vast amounts of water into the sea.  Meanwhile, the North Pole has been steadily melting away as well.  Fortunately, the North Pole ice is floating, and thus will not affect sea levels, but its dissolution is an important indicator of warming. (read more...)

Other things in the news today:

Israel authorities warn hospitals to prepare for earthquake
Scientists fear more eruptions on Mt Ruapehu
Bio-insanity: Ethanol subsidies will make food costs from flooding worse


just so much going on all at once. it seems like the world is falling apart. time really is running out. i don' t even know if there is time to change at this point. i think our time to change was here and is now gone. the insanity is quickly spiraling out of control. the earth is going to cleanse itself, and we are in for quite a shitstorm. 

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29 June 2008 @ 10:26 am

so i joined this 2012 forum, and i post every few days, but i love reading the posts there. yesterday i started reading a thread titled "is the 9-5 insanity?" and i had to read it. i opened the thread, voted "yes" in the poll at the top, and began to read posts. some were so dead on how i feel i sat there with my mouth wide open! i really feel that the whole system is based on lies, and we are scrambling for more more more, of NOTHING! none of it matters at all! i have said since i was about 18, all that really matters is who you love, the people (and pets!) that make your life. your relationships. 

think about it, we all work and work and work, barely make the rent and bills, have no time (or not enough time) to do what we love, to see our loved ones, or just relax. i feel like i am constantly at my job, and even when i am home on a day off, i might have to go in for a meeting. an hour meeting 45 minutes away!  and the only thing that keeps me there are the folks i work with. like i siad, all that really matters in life are the relationships. 

another way i tend to see it: we are working based on a big fat scam. we work doing shit that doesn't need to be done. like i work at a grocery store. we don't need grocery stores. it's all part of the lie. we could easily grow our own food, and have more time to do what we love. and we work for money, that isn't even real! it's all backed by mother nature anyway! gold and silver. no one owns anything. money isn't real, the system is a lie. working is enforced slavery! it all comes down to the fact that we are brainwashed to believe that we need all these pointless things to survive, or "live well" when really, none of it is needed.

i have been feeling this for about a year, and it's getting worse. one fella on the forum made this amazing post, and i am reposting here because i think it is so true. his name on the forum is guy faux. shout out to him! :) there is a link to the forum on the side bar. please read below!

"There is a lot of collective insanity going on in the world around us. The world as you see it, and the mess that it is in, is a manifest expression of the minds that inhabit it. Our minds. Western society, and the way it operates - including the 9 to 5 grind (as a metaphor for our work life slavery) - are expressions of this collective insanity. Since industrialization (and it began before then), the few have gained power by promoting this collective insanity. Now the bubble has expanded and the term 'slave' is interchangeable with 'employee'. Those who don't see it fail to because they are thoroughly immersed in the illusionary life we now have. I say illusionary life because the life most of us live is an illusionary existence designed by others to support the status quo of their power. Even your name, that you identify with as you, was given to you by someone else.

When you are aware of it, you see it clearly - especially in the media. The difficulty is most people aren't aware of it, because most people don't know any better. We're all born into it, because the wheel started turning long before any of us who live now were born. It's like the elephant who grows up on tied with a single, thin lead. Can't break it when its an infant, so never tries when its an adult - even though it could snap it like a twig. The metaphor applies, as like the elephant, we humans could change things overnight, if only we thought we could. If only we were aware that change isn't a hopeless pursuit. So many times I've heard 'But why waste your energy, it'll never change.' This is the response of an individual lost in the collective madness. Yes it takes a collective awareness to change it, but the collective awareness is like a group of domino's - it's change begins with one. You."

i really think the answer lies in going back to the land. we need to take care of ourselves and our loved ones, and the planet and all those who dwell here. all you need to survive is first and foremost, love. after that, sunshine, rain, and good dirt. you can grow your own food to live on. we'd still be working, just for our own well being, not to line the pockets of some CEO in a fake ass system that only works for those on top. this really is just the tip of the iceberg. 

all we really need is here already and free. food, water, natural shelter, and love.

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23 June 2008 @ 06:46 pm

my life has turned into a series of synchronistic discoveries. kind of like a badass game od connect the dots. the more i find, the more i find that it is all connected. so i wanted a place to put it all. all these dots i collect. 

some of it i'm still trying to make sense of. some of it i feel is deeply true at once. other things i feel are like a fog covering the deeper truth. and of course, some of it is way too false. so i will post what i find, and hopefully be able to keep track of it all. i'll also post some of the myspace bulletins i'd like to keep to read later. 

a little about me:

i am a 28 year old female. i am happily pagan, and identify myself as witch. i am a priestess of the morrigan, an ancient celtic goddess. i am clairaudient, and an empath. i am irish and native american. the cougar is my totem. raven also is by my side. 

i have had dreams of earth changes for many years, and in january of this year i recieved the message that there is no more time for fear. those of us who know, know for a reason, and must make ready. many more are waking now. it's the eleventh hour, and the age we are in will soon come undone. 

there are many different ways to look at the same thing. this is why i made this blog. to present the varying views of what our planet is going through. some say 2012, i say it has already begun. 2008 is the first year of the cleansing. i believe it will culminate in 2012. 



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